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    CNC Machining Aluminium Porous Position Rear Absorber

    CNC machining parts used in many fields:

    ★ Medical Industry,
    ★ Aerospace Industry,
    ★ Transportation Industry,
    ★ Military and Defense Industry,
    ★ Electronics Industry,
    ★ Marine Industry, etc

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    Production Capacity

    Manufacturing Equipment

    ▷ 3-,4-&5- axis Machining Center

    ▷ CNC Lathes and Turning Machines

    ▷ CNC Milling Machines

    ▷ CNC Grinders

    ▷ CNC Laser Machines

    ▷ CNC Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM)

    ▷ CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

    Precessing way

    CNC Milling

    CNC turning

    ▷ Grinding

    ▷ Wire cutting

    ▷ EDM, Drilling, etc.

    Surface treatment

    ▷ Brush

    ▷ Polishing

    ▷ Electroplating

    ▷ Galvanizing

    ▷ Black bright anodized

    ▷ Powder Coating, etc.

    Inspection Equipment

    ▷ Vernier Caliper
    ▷ Micrometer Caliper
    ▷ Go/No-Go Gauge
    ▷ Thread Gages
    ▷ 2D Projector
    ▷ 3D Measure Instrument
    ▷ CMM, Spectrum Analyzers
    ▷ Microscope
    ▷ Altimeter
    ▷ Hardness Tester
    ▷ Roughness Tester
    ▷ Profilometer
    ▷ Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, etc.


    ❃ What’s your main service?

    √ We’re specialized in custom quality CNC machined parts.

    ❃ Do you have rich experience?

    √ We have over 20 years of experience in the CNC machining industry and our Sales are good at English communication.

    ❃ How do you ensure every process’s quality?

    √ 1. Raw Material Inspection

    After the raw materials are purchased, the quality department checks the dimensions, hardness, and composition.

    √ 2. In-Process Quality

    During the production stage, our workers will inspect the product dimensions to ensure that everything passes.

    √ 3. QC Inspection In

    When the machine is producing parts, our QC staff will inspect it from time to time to ensure the quality.

    √ 4. Full Inspection

    Batch production is completed and a full inspection is performed. Check if each dimension is qualified.

    √ 5. Surface Finishing Inspection

    After the product is surface treated, QC needs to check if the surface meets the quality requirements.

    √ 6. Inspection Before Packaging

    A final surface inspection is done on each product before packaging and shipping

    ❃ Where is your factory located?

    √ We’re located at Jiangshan Industry Park,Yinzhou District,Ningbo,China

    ❃ Which port do you use for shipment?

    √ Ningbo Port

    ❃ How long does it take to get a quote?

    √ The quotation will be provided within 1-2 days after receiving RFQ with clear information

    ❃ How long is the lead time for ordering?

    √ The production lead days are usually within 20-40 days based on quantity.

    ❃ What are your payment methods and terms?

    √ 30% T/T in advance and balance 70% paid after bulk order completed.

    ❃ Can I send your our parts’ design?

    √ Yes, drawing format can be PDF/AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Pro/E software

    ❃ Can you do assembly?

    √ Yes, We have 8  assembly lines.

    Our factory

    Packaging & Shipping

    PE bags with sponge, Recycle plastic box, Wooden crates or boxes or based on customer’s requirement


    We have grown very rapidly in recent years due to our low cost, on-time delivery, and defect-free quality. We strive to help customers achieve their goals by communicating with them at all stages of component manufacturing. and send us drawings (AutoCAD, UG, Pro/Engineer, Solidworks) for a free quote for your next project, we will be the following up within 24 hours!

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