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    Surface treatment is an additional process applied to the surface of a material for the purpose of adding functions such as rust and wear resistance or improving the decorative properties to enhance its appearance.

    Painting, such as that applied to the body of an automobile, printing of the manufacturer’s name and other information on the surface of home appliances, and “plating” applied under the paint on guardrails, are typical examples of surface treatment.

    Heat treatment, such as quenching, applied to metal parts such as gears and blades, is also classified as surface treatment.

    Surface treatments can be broadly classified into removal processes, such as scraping or melting the surface, and additive processes, such as painting, which add something else to the surface.

    Surface finishing:

    Aluminum Parts Stainless Steel Parts Brass Parts Steel Parts
    Clear anodized Polishing Nickel plating Zinc plating
    Multicolor anodized Passivating Chrome plating Oxide black
    Sand blasting Sand blasting Eletrophoresis black Nickel plating
    Powder Coating Laser engraving Oxide black Chrome plating
    Brushing Eletrophoresis black Powder Coating Heat Treatment
    Chroming Oxide black Polishing Powder Coating

    Black anodized

    Multicolor anodized



    Zinc plating

    Laser etching

    Heat Treatment:It refers to the controlled process of heating and cooling a material in order to improve its properties, performance, and strength.